Do you ever wish you could fly up into the sky? I do, and I think that’s why Aberdeen appealed to me.AberdeenIn Aberdeen by Stacey Previn, a little mouse sees a red balloon floating by. The balloon is “taunting Aberdeen as he [tries] to catch it,” and he chases it until he successfully grabs hold of it in the neighbor’s garden.

Aberdeen didn’t mean to fly away. BUT his tail got tangled in the string from the balloon and a gust of wind blew them both up in the air.

With this simple twist of fate, Aberdeen begins his adventure. He gets lost, faces a predator, and needs to find his way home.

Aberdeen didn’t mean to cry. BUT his mama had warned him about owls. He was all alone, and it was getting dark. He missed his mama so badly that he thought he heard her call his name.

Aberdeen is a sweet and simple story of how a mouse’s curiosity gets him in trouble.

The two excerpts I have quoted show the repeating pattern found throughout Ms. Previn’s book: Aberdeen “didn’t mean” to do something, “BUT” then he does (for reasons that are really not his fault). As a parent, I hear a version of this at least a few times each week. Fortunately, my kids have not met with any owls or gotten too lost yet!

The illustrations in Aberdeen are lovely watercolors by Ms. Previn. She has created an adorable little mouse for us to watch as he chases after the balloon. She expertly uses white space in some of her pictures, contrasting those pages with others filled with color and action.

Ms. Previn describes Aberdeen as her “first story book.” She has also authored Find Spot (published in 2014) and If Snowflakes Tasted Like Fruitcake (which was published in late 2016). Ms. Previn says “this story is light and sweet and [she] felt the art needed to have that same warm and fuzzy feeling.” She certainly succeeded!

Ms. Previn is on the web at www.staceyprevin.com. You can find a link to her blog on that website as well.

Have you read any great books lately?

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