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We’re venturing into a different world with Fairytale, a YA novel by Hope Pennington (only one of us read this one—it’s a little too old for my sous-chef!). I read this book as part of the #FairytaleTheNovel blog tour hosted by Writerly Yours.


Sean is just your everyday teenager—he likes to play video games and antagonize his younger sister. On a day that is starting out like any other, his life changes dramatically when he is pulled through a portal to another world.

Sean finds himself in Glensdore, a world that looks like it is from an old fairytale or video game. There are rustic wooden huts with hay for roofs, and a castle that reminds Sean of the sand castles he used to build at the beach.

Sean is surrounded by burly men carrying swords and axes, engaged in hand-to hand combat. A creature named Monaciello, less than three feet tall with four hands for feet and a round head half as big as its body, becomes his sidekick.

He isn’t sure why, but people keep calling Sean the “Treasure Seeker” or the “Chosen One.” He discovers that the princess of Glensdore is missing and must be rescued to return power to the hands of goodness before darkness falls.

Sean joins in the rescue of the princess. He pairs up with a newly-knighted knight named Hansak, and they set off on an adventure that leads them to elves, mermaids, and other mystic creatures.

The official description of the book is:

A teenage boy’s happy-go-lazy world is turned on it’s head when he’s yanked into an epic fairytale and shocked to discover that his ability to predict the cliche storyline is the only thing that can save their world from destruction!

But it’s more than that. Sean grows and learns about himself as he fights to save Glensdore. And as readers, we cheer and celebrate as he figures out that life is more than the “happy-go-lazy” one he has been living.

To pick up a copy of Fairytale, go to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble. And be prepared to be swept away to a world of chivalry, magic, and adventure!


Hope Pennington is a homeschooled graduate living in Kerrville Texas, author of the young adult novel Fairytale and creator of The Epic Place YouTube channel where she encourages geeks, nerds and fan girls to always remember that #WeAreEpicHeroes every single day of our lives. Coffee is her spirit animal and if she had it her way she’d be living on the TARDIS from Doctor Who going on endless time travel adventures.
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I reached out to Hope a few days ago to see if she would agree to an interview for my blog, and she said yes! I *hope* you enjoy getting to know her just a little more…
Tell us a little about yourself.
Hi!  I’m Hope!  I was homeschooled for my whole life and pretty much since a toddler I’ve been in love with books!  As soon as I could get my schoolwork done each day I’d rush up to the attic to grab a book to delve into.  Fantasy was always my favorite and my older sister Grace was writing from an early age so at about age eight I had decided I wanted to be an author and started writing mystery novels.  By age nine I was writing scifi.  In my teen years I was introduced to OYAN (an epic homeschooled writing curriculum) and my writing got 99% better!  The days after that were full of fantasy noveling including the first draft of Fairytale. ^_^
Where did the idea for Fairytale come from? What inspired you to write it?
It’s a funny story actually!  Being an avid reader I was getting really annoyed at the lack of good fantasy novels and somewhere around the hundredth boring fantasy novel I tried to read my sister and I started making jokes about what if a modern teen boy got yanked into one of these cliché fairytales and could predict the whole thing…and the rest is history!
Are you working on any projects right now?
Right now I’m working on publishing a children’s book series called “Brad the Puppy” that I wrote with my Grandpa and a Middle Grade novel called “There’s A Werewolf at My School” that I wrote with my younger brother Adam!  The Werewolf one is definitely exciting because it’s my second mix of modern and myth now with a whole new cast of characters to explore it with!  I won’t say too much but it includes a teenage werewolf, elf, dwarf, mermaid, troll, goblin and more all in modern day middle school.
Will we see Sean in any future books?
Yes!  I’m working on Fairytale 2 now!  It’s called “Fairytale 2: Sean’s Squire” aaannndddd it involves a girl…from his school who goes in with him.  Their banter is way too fun to write!  I can’t wait to write all the fun parts I have planned!
What is the hardest part about being an author?
Probably promotion actually.  Being an author these days you have to be good and writing AND marketing cause most authors don’t have the money to pay someone to promote for them.  Thankfully social media leaves a nice space for authors to grow a following and maybe generate interest in their book, which has actually been super fun but I’m not that good at it just yet. 😛
What is the best piece of advice you have been given about writing?
I must’ve heard this from a hundred different people but it’s honestly “Just Write”  Everyone’s path to writing, everyone’s method and everyone’s style is so different you can really only discover your way by doing it.  The other awesome piece of advice is write for you.  If you don’t enjoy it no one will.  So entertain yourself, captivate and mystify yourself with your writing and someone is liable to feel the same way.
Which authors inspire you?
Dickens for SURE!  He’s my writing hero.  He wasn’t afraid to write real, raw, authentic darkness mixed with humor…uggg I can’t get enough of his work but in the scifi/fantasy realm my writing heroes are definitely C.S. Lewis, E. Nesbit, J.R.R. Tolkien and Joss Wheaten.  They all wrote their way, and they wrote magical and mystical lands full of fun and heart and courage and enthusiasm and freedom.  They never cease to inspire me
What are your three favorite books?
A Tale of Two Cities
The Hobbit
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Thanks for joining us, Hope!
Have you read any great books lately?

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    Insightful review! Thank you for hosting #FairytaleTheNovel blog tour with Writerly Yours. 🙂


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