I have been looking forward to this announcement for MONTHS! The SCBWI Midsouth Region has just announced our first ever Region-sponsored mentoring program.

We have some amazing mentors for this year! Between the six of them, our mentors have published nearly 220 books. They’ve won too many awards to count. They are New York Times bestsellers, Newbery Honor winners, and we might see one or two of them up on the big screen soon!

Even more amazing? They are taking time out of their busy publishing lives to reach out and give a hand up to some of the pre-published authors in the Midsouth! They’ll critique, guide, laugh, cry, and cheer as they join their mentees on the journey to publication.

Where else can you sign up for nine months of star-studded literary greatness?

So, sharpen your pencils, polish your drafts, and get ready to apply to the first ever SCBWI Midsouth mentoring program!

Applications will be accepted October 30, 2019 through November 30, 2019.

Fall Writing Frenzy

Oh my gosh! It was so fun to take a break from everything and write something fun for fall.

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez at Math is Everywhere is hosting another fun writing contest – just in time for fall! (If you’re inspired to join the fun, you still have a few hours to join in.)

This month’s challenge: Pick one of the fall-themed pictures on Kaitlyn’s website, and write something appropriate for kidlit, 200 words or less.

Here’s the photo I’ve picked:

fall photo

And… here’s the story (coming in at 197 words).

Hickory Dickory Fall

Hickory dickory dee.

A squirrel ran up a tree.

She threw acorns round

All over the ground.

Hickory dickory dee.

Hickory dickory daff.

A chipmunk started to laugh.

“Kate, come out and play

You’ve been working all day.”

Hickory dickory daff.

Hickory dickory duts.

The squirrel collected her nuts.

“When leaves turn to gold

It starts to get cold.”

Hickory dickory duts.

Hickory dickory dip.

Two mice played games with Chip.

They played hide and seek

And splashed in the creek.

Hickory dickory dip.

Hickory dickory day.

Chip begged his friend to play.

“I can’t play with you.

I have more work to do.”

Hickory dickory day.

Hickory dickory date.

Chip pointed and laughed at Kate.

“We’re not friends any more

Now that she’s such a bore.”

Hickory dickory date.

Hickory dickory dite.

The snow fell down one night

Chip shivered and shook

And crept out for a look

Hickory dickory dite.

Hickory dickory dried.

Chip sat in the snow and cried.

“I’ve been searching all day

But the food’s gone away.”

Hickory dickory dried.

Hickory dickory dend.

Kate hugged her dearest friend.

“There’s enough food for two,

And I’ll share it with you.”

Hickory dickory dend.